This work of Francesco Brusa is available for download here:  It is no longer sold as a pre-printed edition. You are free to download and print this for performance, however, it remains under copyright and cannot be re-sold. PDF’s of all materials are included in the .zip file, as well as SCORE files for the full score and parts and a Sibelius file for the PV score.

The editing and engraving of this piece in its original instrumentation (SSA, Violin I and II, Violoncello, Continuo) was commissioned by the San Francisco Girls Chorus in 1992. With the encouragement and assistance of Frank Green, and the generous permission of the SFGC, a new edition of the score was released in 2002, with a piano reduction and numerous alterations to the score and text.

As Mr. Green said, “It is Mozart-like in its presentation of one beautiful melody and then another and another.  Each idea is so memorable.  Furthermore there are no dead places in any voice part.  Everyone has interesting music to sing all the time. “

This work may be heard on the SFGC 1998 release “Music from the Venetian Ospedali” (SFGC 9801). Selections from this and other SFGC recordings may be heard at:

If you are interested in purchasing the rights to publish this piece, please use the contact page to reach us.

BRUSA FS cover